Nefco Export Ltd. is an export and trading organization that specializes in raw materials for Juice, Drinks and food industry, in various locations.

Nefco Export dose not specializes only in trading, It has in its background vast experience of managing food and Juice manufacturing plants producing industrial raw materials from Citrus : Oranges, Grapefruit, Lemons, Mandarins, etc, as well as from deciduous fruits.

Experience in production and technology of consumer packed Juices and vegetables, which includes a large variety of tomato products for juice, manufactures and for Food service. Products, which are being sold in the US, EEC, Turkey, Taiwan and exclusive GAT FOODS representative in: Japan, India, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia. 

This experience and knowledge has given Nefco the reputation of excellence both by Customers and suppliers. It also enables Nefco Export to provide reliable services to its customers and suppliers with the aim of achieving maximum quality for the final consumer Product.

Nefco Export ensures its customer of continuous supervision throughout all stages of production, from the raw material to the finished product. This Qualitative and Quantitative supervision gives the customer the security and the confidence as if he himself is present at the source of supply and throughout all stages of production and packing.

Nefco export provides customers with the security they deserve when ordering products from a source far away from the final destination.
Inspite of the trend of working directly with manufacturers, Nefco Export with its caring and efficient services that provide a service that manufacturers are unable to promise 100%.

This is the dependable kind of service that customers expect to receive and obtain from Nefco Export.